ESA & NASA MAAP platform project.

Proud to be working with ESA towards the future of the MAAP platform.

We are proud to announce that we are now working with ESA (European Space Agency) again on the PolSARPro functions to develop a new python library of selected polarimetric functionalities.

PolSARpro (Polarimetric SAR Data Processing and Education Toolbox) supports the scientific exploitation of polarimetric SAR data and is a tool for high-level education in radar polarimetry.

This work will allow, among others, easy installation on the ESA/NASA joint platform MAAP (Multi-Mission Algorithm and Analysis Platform) to support the mutual exploitation of data synergy for the BIOMASS and NISAR SAR missions.

We are excited to have this opportunity to work with ESA, Professor Eric Pottier and Professor Armando Marino to contribute to such an important project.

Image right: Read more about the project on the ESA website, click here or on the image right.



As part of the agreement, SATIM has agreed to providing the SAR module libraries to DSPL. DSPL will integrate, Design, and develop SAR Environment Simulator (SARES) in India.

SATIM has detected unusual changes in the TU-95 and TU-160 bomber’s SAR signatures using Umbra SAR imagery obtained from the Engels-2 military base in Russia. The characteristics of the signal reflections captured do not match the known geometry and material composition of the aircraft. This may indicate a new camouflage method adopted to protect these valuable aircraft from drone attacks.

Satim has secured $2 Million in their latest investor round to advance its AI-based, cutting-edge software, renowned globally for its automatic object detection, identification and classification capabilities anytime, anywhere using satellite SAR (synthetic aperture radar) imagery.