We are the industry leaders in object detection and classification using Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite imagery, in fact we are SAR experts. We go beyond object detection, providing near real-time 90% accurate object classification.

Founded in 2012, Satim quickly partnered with the European Space Agency. ESA funded many research and development projects with a particular focus on object detection. We are now the creators, owners, and curators of Satrec, our world-leading automatic object detection and classification software.

In our unique solution, we use synthetic SAR data to train AI models. 

These synthetic data are generated in our SAR simulator developed by SATIM under two contracts with ESA.

Thanks to it we can generate simulated SAR signatures of any 3D object and any SAR system.

Using synthetic SAR signatures to train our AI model, we overcome the main limitation of using AI for object detection on SAR images i.e. lack of labelled training SAR data. 

Thanks to OREC we have the capabilities to provide near real time, accurate classification of vessels and objects on the open sea, in port and on land.

Our Satim team includes data scientists, remote sensing experts, AI and SAR specialists and ex-military personnel with a wealth of knowledge and experience. We apply our extensive experience in civil and military maritime monitoring with particular focus on dark vessels.

Time Line

Satim was created

Born from founders PhD in Earth Observation at AGH University of Science & Technology.

Partnered with European Space Agency

Start of a number of on going R&D projects funded by ESA focussing on object detection from SAR satellite imagery.

Satrec was created

ESA funded project to develop Satrec software for object detection on radar imagery.

Techstars acceleration programme

$120,000 investment from the Techstars Acceleration Programme. Software rolled out to customers.

First Investment Round

$1Million investment from OpAmp and Cultivation Capital to develop AI software capability and the Satim team.

Our Mission

GEOINT and IMINT for Decision Support – focussed on object detection and classification.

Transforming satellite-based radar imagery (SAR) into actionable intelligence via AI-driven technology for automatic object detection and classification.

Our Values

Our core values are in our DNA. We pride ourselves in upholding these as our team grows.

Can do attitude

Have an optimistic approach to ideas, challenges & possibilities.

Team spirit & engagement

Support each other and willing to help proactively every time.

High quality work

Provide results of the highest quality, always, for everyone.

Personal development

Encouraging individuals to develop their skills in the direction they require.

Good work organisation

Stick to the processes and believe in them.

Openness & sincerity

Communicate all issues, ideas or suggestions openly to all team members.