Approximately 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, making it difficult to both monitor and defend. We are experts in SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) which provides global coverage of the Earth’s surface in all weather, day and night. Our highly accurate SAR simulator generates synthetic SAR signatures used to train AI models for fast and accurate object detection and classification, perfect for dark vessels.

Aircraft carrier living in open ocean providing military defence and security


Military Aircraft Carriers, Intelligence gathering ships and the transporters of global energy supplies live, transit or operate in open ocean. These are strategic assets and knowing the location of them significantly enhances your strategic situational awareness and increases decision time.

Our fast and accurate detection and classification capabilities of ships and vessels (inc dark vessels) in the open ocean provide near real-time monitoring in hard-to-reach areas.


Monitoring activity in waters just off the coast (known as the ‘littoral’) is important for Defence and Security purposes.

Coastal areas are very congested making monitoring intelligence, vital to military surveillance and operations, extremely difficult.

We provide accurate detection and classification of a vast catalogue of military vessels in any weather conditions, day or night.

Land & Port

Monitoring port activity can give vital intelligence to military and commercial commands. Submarines moving out of port, vessel re-fuelling or movement of grouped military ships are all key indicators which add significant situational awareness on a strategic level.

Furthermore, monitoring the activity of (grounded) military planes, helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles all give vital intelligence to decision makers.

We provide accurate detection and classification of a vast catalogue of military vessels in any light or weather conditions, day or night.