Satim Secures $2 Million Investment for Growth and Innovation of Unique AI-Based Software.

Satim has secured $2 Million in their latest investor round to advance its AI-based, cutting-edge software, renowned globally for its automatic object detection, identification and classification capabilities anytime, anywhere using satellite SAR (synthetic aperture radar) imagery.

This substantial investment will play a pivotal role in driving the company’s goal to revolutionize the transformation of complex satellite SAR data into actionable insights, with a specific focus on serving the military, government, and commercial maritime sectors. The funding will empower Satim to enhance its technology and capabilities, increasing the delivery of highly accurate and invaluable information to clients.
Detection and Classification of Aircraft using SAR imagery

90% accurate object classification using satellite SAR imagery and Satim’s unique AI-based software.

The investor round was led by Cultivation Capital, a highly regarded venture capital firm recognized for its expertise in early-stage investments. With a particular interest in geospatial technology, Cultivation Capital actively supports and invests in companies operating across a diverse range of industries.

"Satim's automated classification technology delivers tremendous value to commercial and defence customers. We are excited to see the continued enhancement of their capabilities, and utilization of their technology by the free world's most important security alliances."

In addition to Cultivation Capital, Satim successfully secured investment from six additional prominent investors: Verissimo Ventures, The Flying Object, Everywhere Ventures, Hustle Fund, StartupIst Ventures, and an undisclosed investor from Eastern Europe. These investors are highly regarded for their strategic investments in startup, pre-seed, and seed funding rounds.

"We are excited about the Satim team and the technical and commercial progress they have made in a challenging, but extremely valuable market. Having some experience in the broader satellite industry, we understand how Satim's solution provides the missing piece in the value chain of satellite imagery, and we're glad to be part of the journey."

The participation of these investors reflects their resolute belief in Satim’s distinct value proposition and remarkable potential to grow. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and a team of dedicated experts, Satim stands at the forefront of revolutionising satellite imagery analysis, paving the way for the future of monitoring and surveillance.

Vessel detection and classification in port or on open ocean using SAR imagery

Vessel detection and classification on SAR imagery in port and on the open ocean with 90% accuracy.

"I am thrilled and grateful to have the backing of such exceptional investors in our latest funding round. The substantial funds raised will play a pivotal role in advancing our SAR-based object detection and classification solutions, ensuring they remain at the forefront of the market. As we continue to attract significant interest from various quarters, this investment round will be instrumental in streamlining our operations and facilitating the seamless delivery of cutting-edge software to our customers."

About Satim:

Founded in 2012, Satim has emerged as the pioneering force behind SATREC, their globally renowned software celebrated for its exceptional automatic object detection, identification and classification capabilities utilizing satellite SAR imagery. With an accomplished team of data scientists, remote sensing experts, AI and SAR specialists, and marine situational awareness experts with military backgrounds, Satim possesses a wealth of knowledge and operational expertise.
During its early stages, Satim swiftly caught the attention of the European Space Agency (ESA), which recognized its cutting-edge technology as a market-leading capability. This led to funding for numerous research and development initiatives, predominantly focused on object detection.

Today, Satim actively serves the military, government, and commercial sectors, delivering software and services tailored to meet specific needs. This includes detecting objects and changes in targeted locations, as well as classifying and identifying vessels to provide critical real-time insights. It is this versatility that distinguishes Satim as a comprehensive solution provider, catering to the diverse requirements of its clients.

For detailed information on Satim’s software and services capabilities and to explore its extensive range of use cases, visit the website at If you have specific requirements or would like personalized assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch on the contact page.




As part of the agreement, SATIM has agreed to providing the SAR module libraries to DSPL. DSPL will integrate, Design, and develop SAR Environment Simulator (SARES) in India.

SATIM has detected unusual changes in the TU-95 and TU-160 bomber’s SAR signatures using Umbra SAR imagery obtained from the Engels-2 military base in Russia. The characteristics of the signal reflections captured do not match the known geometry and material composition of the aircraft. This may indicate a new camouflage method adopted to protect these valuable aircraft from drone attacks.

Satim has secured $2 Million in their latest investor round to advance its AI-based, cutting-edge software, renowned globally for its automatic object detection, identification and classification capabilities anytime, anywhere using satellite SAR (synthetic aperture radar) imagery.